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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Les Mis

So…I know I’m WAY late, but I just saw the Les Miserables movie yesterday. I have to admit, I was nervous to see it at first because I heard so many differing opinions on it. Some people loved it and sobbed as they watched this tragic story of redemption and others could not get past the fact that some actors could not sing and this was, in fact, a musical and therefore required that ability.

Normally, it is extremely hard for me to watch/listen to any musical performance without my “singer hat” on, so I was not excited about having to try, but I gave in because I knew I would kick myself if I failed to see Les Mis on the big screen.

Turns out, I’m so glad I did. I loved it! I didn’t sob (I’m beginning to think I only cry at animated films like Toy Story), but I loved it. Now, there were definitely times I questioned my sanity as some characters (one in particular) let out some vocal sounds worthy of an entire episode of Idology critique, but what I loved was the commitment these actors had. I was actually inspired by it. The fact that they immersed themselves SO deeply into something that does not come naturally to them and most of them carried it out beautifully was a wonder to me. It was also a challenge to me to push myself harder…to dive deeper into my songs…and to not be afraid to let imperfections color outside the lines a bit for the sake of a message.

I am fully aware that I have heard and seen beyond amazing performances of these songs by Broadway actors and I would have loved to see more of them utilized for this movie.  ***Side note: Eponine and Marius were absolutely brilliant and they are perfect examples of Broadway actors being utilized so very well.***  However, I thought this was definitely cast well. I mean, have you ever wanted Javert to die as much as you did in this movie? Also, wasn’t Anne Hathaway beautifully flawed? How about that “Master of the House” performance? Was that not brilliant? What about Gavroche? Plus, I can watch Hugh Jackman lift anything heavy off of anybody for as long as you’d like me to. ;-)

All that to say, I had a great time watching the story unfold. Next time, I may watch with my “singer hat” on and have a different story to tell, but for now I will give them their kudos for One Day More!

I’m so curious to know what you thought about the movie? Did you love it? Did you hate it? Hit the comment section and let me know. 

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