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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

5 Reasons Valentine's Day ROCKS for Single Women

Hey guys! If you've kept up with me at all, you know by now that I like to look on the positive side of things. Sometimes, it's a stretch, but I do all I can to find at least 3 nice things about any situation. Well, this time, I upped the number to 5 just to show you how awesome singleness is! So here we go!

#5. You can eat dinner at a normal time! 
Trying to get a reservation at your favorite restaurant tonight could very well end up with you eating at either 4:30pm or 9:00pm because of how booked these places get, but you don't have to even try when you're single!

#4. You can eat ALL you want!
Have you ever put on your favorite, slimming outfit, headed out to your favorite restaurant but then not been able to eat all you want because all of the sudden your outfit isn't so slimming anymore? No worries here! Just put on your onesie and eat to your heart's content!

#3. No dead flowers!
Sure, the roses look nice and pretty when you first get them, but then they die...and smell. Well, that doesn't happen when nobody sends you any!

#2. No awkward moments!
Ever tried to pick out the right Valentine's Day card or gift for that special person based on where you are in your relationship? Not too mushy...a little more than friends but not saying "I love you" just yet...whatever the case may be. Well, you don't have to even think about this when you're single.
ADDED BONUS: You're saving money! I mean seriously, does it get any better than that?

#1. No unmet expectations!
Face it ladies, whether we want to or not, we all secretly wish for that movie perfect, romantic date. But no matter how hard the man tries, he will never be Ryan Reynolds or Denzel Washington. (Can you tell I'm excited about Safe House?) However, if there is no man, there's no chance for disappointment. See how that works?

Honorable Mention:
You can send out texts to all your happily married or dating friends that say "Happy VD" and then pretend you meant "Valentine's Day" instead of the alternative. *wink, wink*

So there you go! Let me know what you think. And sincerely...Happy Valentine's Day! I really do love the day, single or not. Love makes me happy! Cherish the ones you love and be nice to the ones you don' least for today!

Click HERE for my Valentine's Day song just for you!


Blogger Mu Doo said...

That's not V'sday in Brazil and I think it not means so much here like there, but no doubt you are so funny! Best part 'save money'LOL
I have one we will not have the sucks moments like 'why didn't you call me earlier?''you don't give me attention''just I say that I love you'bla bla bla hahhahaha
PS: you don't need officially be in a relationship to hear these things hahah

February 14, 2012 at 4:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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January 11, 2013 at 10:32 PM  

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