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Friday, August 21, 2009

Random facts...

By now, you have figured out that I am a bit odd. I must say, I'm very content with being odd...especially since I keep finding out that more and more people share the same oddness. (Is that even a word?) First random fact - I just repeated the word "oddness" about 25 times out loud and now it really doesn't sound like a real word.
Anyway, I digress. So...after posting that clowns scare me and flying things scare me, I was quite intrigued to see that some of you were right with me. I couldn't help but think that we may have many more random facts in common. All that to say, you will either read this and agree on some things or read this and think I am the weirdest person ever. (Which is possibly true, but fun, huh?)

Here we go:

I count stairs. I have been known to get to the top of my stairs, realize I forgot to count, and go back down so that I can count the next time. I should also explain that I only count going up, not down. PS - I have 16 stairs.

My heat/air conditioning has to be set on an even number. The same goes for any volume control that uses numbers. I can, however, deal with it if the number ends in 5 because that perfectly splits the perfect 10's. I can also deal if it lands on my favorite number which is 47. Not really sure why my favorite number is odd, but whatever.

I love to bake sweet potato pies! However, I can only make 4 at a time. Trust me, I've tried to cut it in half, but it doesn't work. It never tastes the same. So, one Thanksgiving, I needed 5 pies...I made 8.

Drinking coffee at night keeps me awake, but cappuccino makes me sleepy.

And the last one for the day...
I LOVE PUZZLES! I even got a stow & go mat for my puzzles so I can travel with them and not mess them up. At night, it's what gets my mind off the day and relaxed enough to eventually fall asleep. Nightly ritual...puzzle, Momma Dora's (Kelley's mom) spice tea and the Sam & Ruby CD.

Please tell me you relate to or at least understand one of these...please??? :-)
Also, share some of your randomness with me so I won't be alone. You know you have it!
Love you guys!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My thoughts...

Sooo....Paula Abdul. What in the world do I even say? Let me start with how incredibly sad I am. For me, each judge on the show had a specific, invaluable purpose.

Randy is the producer...he tells you about the pitchiness, the style, all the great stuff that any producer worth their salt is going to tell you at some point. So, thank God for Randy preparing us for that part.

Simon is the executive...he’s the bottom line. He tells you what will and won’t work. Sure, he’s blunt about it, but so are most executives. That’s why they’re good at what they do. In his heart of hearts, he wants the best for you. Seriously. :-)

But Paula...sweet Paula, is the heart...the artist...the mama...the one who understands what you’re going through and empathizes with you. The one who knows you may just need to hear ONE good thing...even if it’s that your makeup looks good. She’s also the one judge that comes to the rehearsals for the AI tour and still offers that encouragement and advice that you quickly realize you still need to hear after all the cameras have turned off.

I realize I am not mentioning Kara. That is only because I don’t have a personal experience with her. I’m sure she provides something new for the contestants now and they probably need her just as much as I needed the other three.

I don’t want to play the blame game, because I don’t know the whole story. I’m sure there’s much more info behind Paula’s departure than what’s being portrayed in the media. All I will say is that, no matter what happened, I’m upset! I want Paula! Booooooooo!!!!!!! The show won’t be the same without her. Whether you were her biggest fan or her biggest critic, you have to admit that she will be missed.

So...since I have the world’s craziest imagination, let’s imagine that in the midst of all this craziness, Paula has time to read this blog. Here’s what I want to say to her....

Mama Paula,

Thank you for being the heart of the show that changed my life. Thank you for understanding. Thank you for celebrating with me and crying with me. Thank you for being there. Thank you for standing up for me. Thank you for loving with everything you have and for genuinely caring. I know that no matter what happens, your talent and your heart will take you wherever you want to go. I will always be a fan of not only what you do, but who you are. I love you and I can’t wait to see what’s next for you.


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