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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Never Giving Up

Recently, I had someone close to me tell me to only talk about my successes so people wouldn’t see me as weak. For a brief second, I listened, but then I remembered the people who have had the biggest influence on my life. Those were the people who weren’t afraid to share all parts of their journey with me…the failures and the successes. Then, I knew that not only was I not alone in whatever I was facing at the time, but there was success on the other side and the lesson would be in the journey. So…here goes…

When I walked into the room to write "Never Giving Up", I went in planning on writing a really upbeat, sassy song. Then my producer, Tre’ Corley, and awesome songwriter, Jonathan Lee, asked me to name the most difficult obstacle I have faced in the past 7 years. It took me all of three seconds to know what my answer was. Short and simple, it was dealing with all the awful things people said about me as a person after American Idol. There were always really amazing things being said about my singing, but when people had anything bad to say, it was always about my looks and sometimes my personality. People made fun of the fact that I have a short neck and a wider nose. They said I had a bland personality and, if anything, I was putting on an act on TV and I was probably a really rude person. Those words hurt more than anything they could have ever said about my voice. They stuck with me and I believed those words far too long. Even while singing at The White House, Carnegie Hall, The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and so many more amazing places, I still saw myself as less than.

Well, one day, I was speaking to a fellow artist and I was explaining to her what people were saying about me and she told me people were saying the exact same things to her. I was shocked! I consider this woman to be one of the most beautiful and successful human beings I know and people were calling her less than also. That day changed everything for me. It was definitely a process, but I started to see myself as the beautiful woman God created me to be. I started being able to appreciate all of the awesome things I had been able to do as an artist and see the success in that. I came to the conclusion that no matter what people said about me, the true test was in what I believed about myself.

That is what "Never Giving Up" is all about. Even when life takes a different path that I could have ever imagined, I will always be a big dreamer and I won’t give up until it happens. The song focuses on love, but really it’s about life. It’s about knowing myself and what I’m capable of, and not letting anything…the words people say, how hard the journey is, how delayed the winning seems…make me stop the fight. I’m so much stronger than people give me credit for and I refuse to give up on ANYTHING.

So, that’s my journey of "Never Giving Up". Will you share yours with me? You can either send me a message on here, on my facebook page or on twitter. I want to know your story. You never know, maybe telling it is half the battle.



P.S. Wanna hear a little snippet of the chorus? Click HERE


Blogger Shari said...

First of all, I LOVE the snippet and cannot wait to hear the full song on the 22nd. I just know it'll be sensational.

Second, it makes me so sad to think of anybody saying hurtful things to you. You are, truly, one of the kindest and most giving people I've ever met. Your heart is as big as your talent, and for anyone to even insinuate otherwise is awful. Some people can be so cruel. For every one of them, though, please know how many of us think you're wonderful.

Going back to the song for a minute - I can already tell it's going to be my anthem during this journey to get my newest book published. The last few years have been such an emotional roller-coaster in that regard, and to be sure, there are times when I do feel like giving up on it, but like you said, it's so important to dream big and keep fighting. Thank you for the reminder. Thank you for being you. <3

October 9, 2013 at 10:00 AM  
Blogger swain1856 said...

I love the song!

I haven't seen my father in more than eight years. He doesn't want to see me. He doesn't want to talk to me. Maybe someday he won't be so angry and bitter ... but even if he is, I refuse to be like him. I know I'm strong and I won't let him or anyone else get me down. I know you're strong too. I know you won't let anyone rain on you're parade. Never, ever give up!

October 9, 2013 at 6:58 PM  
Blogger Lindsey said...

My whole life I've known - I've known that I wasn't like all my friends. The hottest guy in school was more like a brother than a crush, Christina Aquilera's "Dirty" music video was one hell of a 3 minute spectacle for me, and instead of spending money on my nails, I was saving up for Jordan's and other sneakers... Flash forward to my 24th year of life - something inside of me told me it was time to be myself without fear of what anyone would say, do or think of me; it was time to admit to everyone, more importantly to MYSELF, that I was gay. I made the decision not to divulge this information until I found a life of significance, purpose and happiness. As cliche as it may sound, once I accepted myself, BOOM, God introduced me to my world... Her name is Alexi.
Nervous, scared and expecting the worse, I finally came out to my parents. It has been a little over two years since I've told them, and two and a half since Alexi and I have shared our lives together, but still, she is not openly invited to my house with my family, my mother can't stomach the action of speaking her name, and the ever so proud twinkle, that used to illuminate my day's eyes when he saw me, has heart-wrenchingly grown dim. They are not accepting, and they remind me nearly every week of this. I know they love me; they love me conditionally. And this is one of the conditions that are far from loving.
However, my life, my heart, and my future are now complete. Alexi is not only the love of my life... she is my best friend. She has given me such an incredible amount of direction, support and sheer simplicity in my life that it's hard to imagine experiencing anything without her by my side.
At times I cry, at times I get angry and plead for my family's acceptance, but than I am reminded that this is my, not their, life to live. I don't know if my dad will ever walk me down the aisle, but knowing that someday, on a beach somewhere, Alexi will be waiting for me at the end, makes the pain, and the self inflicted disappointment of letting down my family, more than worth it. And for that moment, and for the rest of my life, OUR LIFE... "I'm Never Giving Up."

Love ya MamaDoo

October 18, 2013 at 7:21 PM  
Blogger DJL said...

Glad you have learned to ignore what fools have to say. There will always be fools; they will always say stupid and ignorant things. Especially about people who are public and visible. Especially about people who are real and who are seeking the good and the true. Keep listening to the people who *actually* know you. :-)

October 21, 2013 at 3:37 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

"My Melinda", as Simon called you, and I always have since, I'm shocked to hear these things you've had to hear or deal with. What HORRIBLE people to judge anyone, especially one who is such a good, GENUINE, beautiful inside and out person. Your voice, your sweetness, your beauty and personality are so rare and amazing!
I've turned several people on to you & each and every one are totally blown away. There's very few people whether in show business or not, who are "genuine", and my God, of all people, it's you!!!

My main thing I'm going through is very different than yours (although I was picked on pretty bad in Jr high), is my mom. Mom has always been my whole life (she adored you too BTW) & since I was a child, my fear was losing her one day and wanting to go when she does. April 2012 they diagnosed her with cancer (after misdiagnosing her for several months saying it was Phnemonia) & she left on her birthday 1-31-13. The last 14-16 months of her life were so horrible with so many memories I can't get out if my head. Without Mom, my love, my life, I feel invisible. My heart and soul went with her & I've been by her side every step & have been sick inside since she got sick. Most people in my life continually tell me to move on, get over it, everyone goes, she lived a long life etc... (& 78 is not a long life, plus she left the day she turned 78 & suffered all of age 77 & 1/2 of 76.
Some continue to say moms afraid to leave me because I'm so depressed & lost without her & filled with reliving so many things I can't get out of my mind.
Anyway, that's my thing, but thought I'd share it with you since you asked.
But as far as you, you're ABSOULUTELY amazing, in every way & most people are so proud of you and your music, your voice, your words are so comforting!
You're so loved!!!
Love you, Robyn,
& I'm sure mom,
my love, my life, would be right here saying the same thing! We love you!!!

October 23, 2013 at 8:44 AM  
Blogger RichB2983 said...

#NeverGivingUp for me means so much. I just want to start by saying you are amazing, and inspire me so much!I grew up in somewhat of a broken household. My dad wasn't the greatest and he walked all over my mom. My mom is nothing less than a beautiful strong woman, who pretty much raised 4 boys on her own. It was so hard for me growing up to watch the hurt he put her through, and it's sadder to say that all of my brothers followed in his footsteps thinking it's ok to treat women that way, lie, cheat, and walk all over. They've all been in and out of jail, and I refuse. I turned out to be they gay one, but regardless of that I'm able to see what's right and what's wrong. I ended up moving away from my family, because I wanted and knew I deserved better. My family is great, and we are really close and it gets really hard not having that support close by (especially my mom). This song could not have came at a better time because recently my boyfriend was admitted to the hospital. He had asthma problems, and chest pains and was newly diagnosed with Wolf Parkinson White Syndrome which is a heart problem. It was the scariest thing hearing that my other half may have to go on life support...Luckily he works in the ICU where he was admitted and had great care. After 6 days he came home, but had to wear a heart monitor for 48 hours, and we are still waiting to figure out what course of action is needed to fix the issue. It could be heart surgery, or as simple as taking a pill for the rest of his life. It's crazy how when a serious situation like that happens, it makes everything that you thought was serious seem so small. He's a college student and today we got the news that he was accepted into the nursing program at the college he attends. Life gets overwhelming for me because I also deal with anxiety. There's nothing like hearing the words "We're all in this together" With that focus I feel like we can accomplish anything, and you're a perfect example. Thanks for being you! I had the pleasure of seeing your perform at Feinsteins' your Love 101 show, and I'm also a Backup. I'll forever have your back..Love you, Richard

October 24, 2013 at 12:29 AM  

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