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Thursday, November 1, 2012

X Factor thoughts!

Watching last night’s X Factor today and I thought I would let you in on my thoughts as they happen. Pretty much, I’m live tweeting…except…it’s not live. LOL! Here we go!

1. Still mad at Demi Lovato for letting Jillian Jensen go! *side note: I think I have that same muumuu she’s wearing.

2. Simon is wearing fangs. That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

3. Ummm…crazy plunging neckline Khloe (but she looks great) and Hi, Mario…I love you.

4. Question: Is the audience going to be this loud the entire show? Can’t they turn them down a little?

5. Paige Thomas is first. Demi just admitted that she’s not the best vocalist. Wow. Why cut her hair if she’s gonna wear a spike hat? A LOT going on in that performance. Hmmm…not my fave, but kinda reminded me of [insert any award show here].

6. I would love to see the artists work up to these HUGE productions. Start smaller and have somewhere to grow, I think.

7. Arin is next. Did Britney just say he needs to “focal down?” I think I know what she meant…I think. Cool version of this song. A few pitch problems and is he old enough to have those ladies body-rolling on him like that?

8. L.A. Reid is kinda harsh on David. Is this like a reverse psychology strategy? Boy can sing. Interesting song choice, but I think he sang it well. Totally agree with Simon on the slightly manic delivery, but overall I liked it.

9. Sister C…can someone please tell me who doesn’t think these girls are likeable? Didn’t they audition with this song? Yay for 3 part harmony, though! I like them. GASP – could they be likeable?!?!

10. I refuse to blame Khloe for having to deliver that “Hex Factor” line before the lights went out. I will, however, blame whoever came up with that idea.

11. Jennel really likes fringe. She rocked that song. There were a few weak moments where I thought she could have made better melody choices to highlight her voice, but nice job!

12. I see what Britney is trying to do with Diamond…keep her young. Plus, I think De’Borah from The Voice has ruined anyone else singing this song for me. She has my favorite version! However, loved what Diamond did at the end vocally.

13. This song is way too low for Vino at the beginning. Oh dear…he took his hat off. He’s definitely a rocker and the higher part at the end was really cool. Hmmm…Simon says he’s more of a soul singer…now I’m confused.

14. Lyric 145! Please don’t let me down! Loving Lyric DaQueen! Actually love everything except for Gangnam Style. How did that song get in this performance? Not sure about the outfits either, but that’s ok. Don’t agree with L.A. Reid’s assessment of no soul, but love Lyric’s answer to him asking if she like the song…”I made you like it!” Yes. Ma’am.

15. I have to say, I wish CeCe had on more clothing. Now on to the song…I didn’t care for the singing of the verses at all, but the pre-chorus and chorus were fierce! Liking the blond hair. I can tell that she’s an extremely hard worker and I love that.

16. So far, Tate has had the best pitch and control hands down.  He wasn’t my favorite leading into the live shows, but MAN, he did a great job! I definitely want him to stick around! Then, when he started to tear up and his voice broke about his family…I’m in.

17. Love that Beatrice was so vocal about not liking the song choice. Holy crimps in her hair Batman! She’s beyond her years as far as emoting goes. Her voice sounds good, but I loved her Titanium performance so much more.

18. So…when I close my eyes, Jason Brock is singing his tail off! Not my favorite song for him, but doesn’t matter…he can just sing. Now…when I open my eyes, I’m completely distracted and it’s like I can’t even hear him sing. How do they fix that? Please fix that…  *side note: I could have done without him trying to pat Mario Lopez’s bum after the critiques.

19. 1432?! Seriously? That’s the new name? I’m gonna try to look past that name for now. I love Taylor Swift, so I guess I’m okay with the song choice. Question: Why does a group of 5 need 6 background singers? Wasn’t my favorite performance, but I think they can improve. Love that Khloe made Demi say who her favorite was…she was my favorite too!

20. Not used to male country singers having a bunch of dancers and stuff, but maybe I’ll be proven wrong at the CMAs tonight. Willie can sing, but it seemed like a caricature of a country singer. I know people love him and I really want to. He is a cutie pie, though! J

21. This little Carly Rose can sing. This was not a singer’s song, and I still heard her amazing voice in spite of that. Here’s hoping she get something more worthy of her chops next week.

22. Emblem 3. Apparently, all the shirtlessness paid off. I’m a fan. All three of them can sing. Loved the song. Loved the harmonies. Loved them. Uh-oh. I feel like Demi Lovato.

23. All in all, the first live show of X Factor was a lot to take in with only SOME of it being exciting, but I have hope for the show. I really do.

24. 4 acts go home tonight…who do you think it might be?

25. You know I hate results shows and predicting, but I know I have to so…If it’s one act from each mentor…

  • Demi’s Group: Either Willie or Paige
  • L.A.’s Group: Vino
  • Britney’s Group: Arin or Diamond (this makes me sad)
  • Simon’s Group: Sister C or 1432 (for their name alone)

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