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Monday, March 8, 2010

20 MORE questions...

As promised, here are some more answers. I'm loving hearing your reactions and answers to some of these...keep 'em coming. :-)

*How many songs/items in your iTunes library?!
I just cleaned it out, so only 25,30o songs and 111 Apps...I like Apps.

*What's your favorite rock band?!

*What is your favorite weird smell?
I love the smell of brussel sprouts

*What’s on your playlists or ipod as of late?
I’m learning about some new but absolutely amazing artists lately.
Foy Vance
Martin Sexton
B. Reith
David Ryan Harris
Esperanza Spalding
Jamie Lidell
Sam & Ruby

*Which is your favorite: sunrise or sunset? and favorite place to watch your favorite?
Sunset is my favorite. I’m not really a morning person. :-)
I like to watch the sunset from hotel windows...weird, huh?

*OK, here's one sure to stump you... What famous mansion is known as the home of Adelecia Aklen and where is it located?
LOL! Belmont Mansion!!!!

*How many pairs of shoes do you have in you closet?
Right now, since I’m out of town, I only have about 15...mostly tennis shoes.

*If you could sing a duet with a singer from the past who is no longer alive, who would it be?
Michael Jackson!

*If you could help teens for the future with singing, how would you do that?
I would point them to Janet Kenyon’s ProVox Workout DVD/CD. It’s the best way to get your voice in shape. You can find it on my website homepage. Then I would say don't be afraid to Dream Big...Ephesians 3:20!

*What church do you go to now? Born Again Church when I am in town. On Sundays when I’m out of town, which is most of them, I watch Keith Moore’s Faith Life Church service from Branson, MO online.

*Is there anything in the back seat of your car right now that would embarrass you?
LOL! The embarrassing part is that I’m so particular about my car that there is absolutely NOTHING in the back or the front. It’s abnormally clean.

*Have you ever done any fishing or camping. Basically, are you into outdoorsy kinds of stuff?
I’ve never been fishing. I’ve been camping a couple times. I like to hike in nature and see all the pretty things and then stay in a nice enclosed environment. :-) Although, I have recently found something called luxury camping online and I think I’m up for that. Hehehe...

*As a church organist, I'd like to know if you ever sang in church, and what's your favorite hymn/classical piece?
I did and still do! My favorite hymn is ‘My Tribute’

*When will Melinda record an album from the Great American Songbook?!?!
I would love to do a live recording with an orchestra...we shall see.

*It’s the weekend, you don’t feel like going out or cooking so you call for delivery. What kinda food do you order?
Jet’s Pizza!

*Work is done.. you're at home and it's time to unwind. How do you accomplish that?
Reality TV

*What kind of toothpaste do you use?!?!
Crest Whitening Expressions

*Over or under?

*Milk or juice?

*Favorite classical song to sing?
Anything by Brahms..Wie Melodien Zieht Es Mir is gorgeous!!!!!

Alright, there you go! 40 things about me you didn't know. Tell me something about you.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

20 Questions

I had so many great even though I said I would only answer 10, I chose 20. I should have another 20 ready for you tomorrow too!
You asked the questions, I answered the best I could. I would love to hear some of your answers to these too. So please leave me a comment.

*Which do you do first, wash your face or brush your teeth?
Wash my face! I’m normally eating up until the last minute. :-)

*Why don't you like lettuce?
Lettuce just gets in the way of all the stuff I like...strawberries, candied walnuts, mandarin oranges, chicken, dressing...

*What famous musical from the past would you star in, if you could?

*What is something about you that the backups don't know?
Wow! That’s a hard one. Ummm...I love Viva paper towels, they’re my favorite, but I only like the plain white ones. The ones with decorations make me think they’re dirty. Yes, I’m weird.

*What life would you like to have when you get to be an old lady?
The same one I have now...doing what I love...singing, traveling and being a part of things that make a difference.

*Have you ever sung opera before?
I studied classically for my first two years of college at the University of Tulsa and loved it!!!

*Do you have any advice to give to people who want to make it in the music industry?
My first piece of advice would be to have realistic expectations. Know the industry that you’re getting into. Study about the business of it all. Also keep perfecting your craft. Never stop wanting to get better. Last, but not least, always keep a good attitude. When doors do open for you, your attitude can either keep them open or make them slam in your face.

*Are you glad you were on American Idol?!
Of course!

*Who are you rooting for in American Idol Season 9?
I love, love, love Didi Benami!!!!! I also am head over heels for Alex Lambert! :-)

*If you could have recorded a song by any other artist and have it be yours, what song would it be? (could be past or present)
Hmmm...there are a few...
1. Gabriel and the Vagabond - Foy Vance
2. It’s Not Over - Jonny Lang
3. Chasing Pavements - Adele

*What's your favorite country so far? And what makes you like them?
Zambia. My trip there was so life changing. It really showed me that inner joy is a choice not at all based on your circumstances. I needed that wake up call.

*What has God been teaching you since your time on American Idol?
Patience....with my career, with other people...patience. It’s been a hard but extrememly rewarding lesson.

*If you could bring back any TV show from your childhood what would it be and why?
The Cosby Show!!!! Best. Show. Ever.

*Best lesson you learned and still use from your time as the Belmont mascot?
Losing can still be fun! :-)

*If you weren’t a singer what else would you do?
I really want to be in the Secret Service and I would like my name to be Jacquelyn Bauer!

*If you could only sing one song, what song would it be and why?
It's Not Over (Jonny Lang)- what an amazing song!

*Who was your teen idol crush when you were a kid?
Michael Jackson, Tevin Campbell and Jordan Knight. Hehehe...

*What would your favorite meal be?
Baked chicken (dark meat), my mommy’s cabbage, candied yams, dressing, and some of Steve Crawford’s brotha rolls. Ooh! and sweet potato pie.

*Ooh, what is your natural hair regimen?!
I use Kerastase oleo-rain relax line for shampoo and conditioner
I use the Bumble and Bumble Curl line right after I wash my hair
Then I braid it 2x a week using Type 4 cream.

*What jobs did you have before becoming doing BGVs full time?
I was a temp for Randstad so I had lots of jobs. I worked at model homes, I was a receptionist for a while, but my favorite temp job was doing data entry at a Data Management Research...loved it!

So...jury...what are your thoughts??? :-)
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