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Monday, January 31, 2011

You asked...(Part 1)

So here are my answers to your first 20 questions. I'll post the rest next week. I wasn't sure if you guys could come up with that many questions I have never been answered, but you surprised me! There are a couple that I have been asked before, but I decided to answer them anyway. :-)
Love how creative you guys are! This was fun!

Who was the last person you texted? My friend Damien Horne...amazing singer! You should totally look him up. 

Butter or margarine? Margarine for food, butter for baking.

Have you been to an opera? I sure have. Don Giovanni is my favorite! I’ve seen it 3 times. 

What's your favorite Disney movie? Cinderella with Whitney Houston, Brandy, Victor Garber, Whoopi Goldberg, Bernadette Peters and the gorgeous Paolo Montalban!

What is the most valuable lesson God has taught you? Loving everybody...even the ones I don’t like. :-)

Your 1st car was? A Geo Prizm (can’t remember the year) Her name was Pipi

K-LOVE is asking people to pick a word for the year...what would your word be? Marathon! I love that my life/career has been a marathon instead of a sprint. I want to make sure I continue not to rush into anything. 

If zombies were taking over the world, what would be your weapon of choice? A gun! I need to be as far away from them as possible!

What was the most significant thing about your elementary school years? That’s when I fell in love with Jesus and Motown! 

Will you marry me???!!!  Can you cook? :-)  (PS-I said ask me something I've never been asked before)

Do you have a boyfriend? (don't know if you have been asked that but I’m curious)  Not at the moment.  I’m very happily single!

Would you ever compete on Dancing with the Stars if asked?  I have no idea! I think it would be fun, but I also may be terrified! 

Your top ten neo soul albums? Any 5 by Jill Scott, India.Arie’s 4 albums and The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

Do you cook things in uneven numbers? Haha! It depends...3 and 5 are very acceptable cooking numbers for me though.

If someone wanted to choreograph a dance to one of your songs, which song would you pick for them and why? Hmmm...I would love to see a couple dance to “Wonderful”

Would you ever perform in Las Vegas at a casino? Most casinos have a theater and I would love to perform there. 

Do you think you will ever record a Gospel/Christian CD?  It’s not in the works as of now.

What was your favorite cartoon or/and TV show as a kid? The Cosby Show!

What is your favorite song to perform?  Depends on the audience...

I would love to sing with you one day, what song could we sing together?  The only duets I know are “If I Ain’t Got You” and “You’re All I Need to Get By”
    That's it for now...let me know what you think!

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