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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Never Giving Up

Recently, I had someone close to me tell me to only talk about my successes so people wouldn’t see me as weak. For a brief second, I listened, but then I remembered the people who have had the biggest influence on my life. Those were the people who weren’t afraid to share all parts of their journey with me…the failures and the successes. Then, I knew that not only was I not alone in whatever I was facing at the time, but there was success on the other side and the lesson would be in the journey. So…here goes…

When I walked into the room to write "Never Giving Up", I went in planning on writing a really upbeat, sassy song. Then my producer, Tre’ Corley, and awesome songwriter, Jonathan Lee, asked me to name the most difficult obstacle I have faced in the past 7 years. It took me all of three seconds to know what my answer was. Short and simple, it was dealing with all the awful things people said about me as a person after American Idol. There were always really amazing things being said about my singing, but when people had anything bad to say, it was always about my looks and sometimes my personality. People made fun of the fact that I have a short neck and a wider nose. They said I had a bland personality and, if anything, I was putting on an act on TV and I was probably a really rude person. Those words hurt more than anything they could have ever said about my voice. They stuck with me and I believed those words far too long. Even while singing at The White House, Carnegie Hall, The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and so many more amazing places, I still saw myself as less than.

Well, one day, I was speaking to a fellow artist and I was explaining to her what people were saying about me and she told me people were saying the exact same things to her. I was shocked! I consider this woman to be one of the most beautiful and successful human beings I know and people were calling her less than also. That day changed everything for me. It was definitely a process, but I started to see myself as the beautiful woman God created me to be. I started being able to appreciate all of the awesome things I had been able to do as an artist and see the success in that. I came to the conclusion that no matter what people said about me, the true test was in what I believed about myself.

That is what "Never Giving Up" is all about. Even when life takes a different path that I could have ever imagined, I will always be a big dreamer and I won’t give up until it happens. The song focuses on love, but really it’s about life. It’s about knowing myself and what I’m capable of, and not letting anything…the words people say, how hard the journey is, how delayed the winning seems…make me stop the fight. I’m so much stronger than people give me credit for and I refuse to give up on ANYTHING.

So, that’s my journey of "Never Giving Up". Will you share yours with me? You can either send me a message on here, on my facebook page or on twitter. I want to know your story. You never know, maybe telling it is half the battle.



P.S. Wanna hear a little snippet of the chorus? Click HERE

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Top 5 Perspective

Yesterday, an article came out for the New York Times that claimed to rank “The Top 5 Most Talented ‘American Idol’ Contestants Ever.” Obviously, this is all based on the opinion of the writer. There was no poll conducted or anything like that. Nevertheless, I made the list!

Fact: I don’t normally read articles like this because I never know what they’re going to say, but the link had been tweeted to me so many times, I gave in and clicked on it. Imagine my surprise when I found myself #2 on the list…sandwiched between the flawless Kelly Clarkson and the amazing Jennifer Hudson. Rounding out the list were Carrie Underwood and Nadia Turner. I was in the company of ‘Idol’ royalty!

Then, my eyes drifted to what this particular writer thought of me. His exact words were…

“The rare artist who benefited from “Idol” pushing her into unfamiliar genres (her rock rendition of Bon Jovi’s “Have a Nice Day” killed), but a postshow retreat into safe soul territory has made her a footnote in the music industry.”

In all honesty, my first reactions were of disappointment, hurt and embarrassment. I decided not to “retweet” the link to the article and tried to pretend I never saw it. However that “footnote” reference would not leave me alone. So, I did what I always do. I prayed about it. What happened next is one of the many reasons I am so grateful for a God who loves me dearly. I began to be reminded of the awesome things I have been blessed to do as a result of being on American Idol. From performing at The White House, Carnegie Hall, The Kennedy Center, The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and so many other amazing places…to becoming an author and speaker with my own book “BeyondMe”…to traveling all over the country singing my heart out…to being a part of life-saving efforts for children both domestically and internationally…I have absolutely LOVED every opportunity.

In the midst of me being reminded of how thankful I was to be doing what I love for a living, a chapter of my book came to mind. It’s a lesson my Mommy taught me when I was younger. Chew the hay and spit out the sticks. (I grew up in Oklahoma…we’re country! LOL!) This approach to criticism is both difficult and rewarding, because you have to be willing to be extremely honest with yourself. So, that’s what I did. If I’m being honest, the NYT writer was correct. I love that ‘Idol’ pushed me into so many unfamiliar genres and it did open new possibilities for me vocally. I never knew there was a rocker in there. J However, I definitely did retreat into a safe soul territory with my CD. Whether that was my choice or not, doesn’t matter to the writer. He was just merely stating a fact. So, in “chewing the hay,” I had to agree with him and decide if I wanted to do anything about it. While I’ve always been told a CD should be one genre so as to not confuse the audience, I now tend to give more credit to the audience. My voice is soulful and It will be on any style song you hear it on. So, there’s your continuity. Genre is free game. J I can’t wait for you all to hear the new music we’ve been working on. Now, for “spitting out the sticks.” What he describes as a footnote, I describe as bliss. I hear what he’s saying and I can now say it doesn’t bother me. I see that he’s comparing me to others on his list of 5 and in sheer comparison…I get it. However, my life and career are my own and I am so grateful for how things are going. Can I do more? OF COURSE! Will I do more? YOU BET? Will it be to prove him wrong? NOPE. It’ll be because it’s what I’m supposed to be doing. Will him being proved wrong be an added bonus? MAYBE. Hehehe…

I wrote this blog to be real with you guys. There are always things in life that will attempt to bring you down and may succeed for a while. Learn to chew the hay, spit out the sticks and live your life they way God has planned for you…not for anyone else. Comparison happens, but at the end of the day, you will do your very best at just being you. I know it’s cliché, but it’s truth. So, be real with yourself and as much as you can, work on seeing the best side of all things. Your perspective makes all the difference.

So, today...I’m in the Top 5 Most Talented ‘American Idol’ Contestants! That's pretty dang cool if you ask me! Woo Hoo!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Les Mis

So…I know I’m WAY late, but I just saw the Les Miserables movie yesterday. I have to admit, I was nervous to see it at first because I heard so many differing opinions on it. Some people loved it and sobbed as they watched this tragic story of redemption and others could not get past the fact that some actors could not sing and this was, in fact, a musical and therefore required that ability.

Normally, it is extremely hard for me to watch/listen to any musical performance without my “singer hat” on, so I was not excited about having to try, but I gave in because I knew I would kick myself if I failed to see Les Mis on the big screen.

Turns out, I’m so glad I did. I loved it! I didn’t sob (I’m beginning to think I only cry at animated films like Toy Story), but I loved it. Now, there were definitely times I questioned my sanity as some characters (one in particular) let out some vocal sounds worthy of an entire episode of Idology critique, but what I loved was the commitment these actors had. I was actually inspired by it. The fact that they immersed themselves SO deeply into something that does not come naturally to them and most of them carried it out beautifully was a wonder to me. It was also a challenge to me to push myself harder…to dive deeper into my songs…and to not be afraid to let imperfections color outside the lines a bit for the sake of a message.

I am fully aware that I have heard and seen beyond amazing performances of these songs by Broadway actors and I would have loved to see more of them utilized for this movie.  ***Side note: Eponine and Marius were absolutely brilliant and they are perfect examples of Broadway actors being utilized so very well.***  However, I thought this was definitely cast well. I mean, have you ever wanted Javert to die as much as you did in this movie? Also, wasn’t Anne Hathaway beautifully flawed? How about that “Master of the House” performance? Was that not brilliant? What about Gavroche? Plus, I can watch Hugh Jackman lift anything heavy off of anybody for as long as you’d like me to. ;-)

All that to say, I had a great time watching the story unfold. Next time, I may watch with my “singer hat” on and have a different story to tell, but for now I will give them their kudos for One Day More!

I’m so curious to know what you thought about the movie? Did you love it? Did you hate it? Hit the comment section and let me know. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

X Factor thoughts!

Watching last night’s X Factor today and I thought I would let you in on my thoughts as they happen. Pretty much, I’m live tweeting…except…it’s not live. LOL! Here we go!

1. Still mad at Demi Lovato for letting Jillian Jensen go! *side note: I think I have that same muumuu she’s wearing.

2. Simon is wearing fangs. That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

3. Ummm…crazy plunging neckline Khloe (but she looks great) and Hi, Mario…I love you.

4. Question: Is the audience going to be this loud the entire show? Can’t they turn them down a little?

5. Paige Thomas is first. Demi just admitted that she’s not the best vocalist. Wow. Why cut her hair if she’s gonna wear a spike hat? A LOT going on in that performance. Hmmm…not my fave, but kinda reminded me of [insert any award show here].

6. I would love to see the artists work up to these HUGE productions. Start smaller and have somewhere to grow, I think.

7. Arin is next. Did Britney just say he needs to “focal down?” I think I know what she meant…I think. Cool version of this song. A few pitch problems and is he old enough to have those ladies body-rolling on him like that?

8. L.A. Reid is kinda harsh on David. Is this like a reverse psychology strategy? Boy can sing. Interesting song choice, but I think he sang it well. Totally agree with Simon on the slightly manic delivery, but overall I liked it.

9. Sister C…can someone please tell me who doesn’t think these girls are likeable? Didn’t they audition with this song? Yay for 3 part harmony, though! I like them. GASP – could they be likeable?!?!

10. I refuse to blame Khloe for having to deliver that “Hex Factor” line before the lights went out. I will, however, blame whoever came up with that idea.

11. Jennel really likes fringe. She rocked that song. There were a few weak moments where I thought she could have made better melody choices to highlight her voice, but nice job!

12. I see what Britney is trying to do with Diamond…keep her young. Plus, I think De’Borah from The Voice has ruined anyone else singing this song for me. She has my favorite version! However, loved what Diamond did at the end vocally.

13. This song is way too low for Vino at the beginning. Oh dear…he took his hat off. He’s definitely a rocker and the higher part at the end was really cool. Hmmm…Simon says he’s more of a soul singer…now I’m confused.

14. Lyric 145! Please don’t let me down! Loving Lyric DaQueen! Actually love everything except for Gangnam Style. How did that song get in this performance? Not sure about the outfits either, but that’s ok. Don’t agree with L.A. Reid’s assessment of no soul, but love Lyric’s answer to him asking if she like the song…”I made you like it!” Yes. Ma’am.

15. I have to say, I wish CeCe had on more clothing. Now on to the song…I didn’t care for the singing of the verses at all, but the pre-chorus and chorus were fierce! Liking the blond hair. I can tell that she’s an extremely hard worker and I love that.

16. So far, Tate has had the best pitch and control hands down.  He wasn’t my favorite leading into the live shows, but MAN, he did a great job! I definitely want him to stick around! Then, when he started to tear up and his voice broke about his family…I’m in.

17. Love that Beatrice was so vocal about not liking the song choice. Holy crimps in her hair Batman! She’s beyond her years as far as emoting goes. Her voice sounds good, but I loved her Titanium performance so much more.

18. So…when I close my eyes, Jason Brock is singing his tail off! Not my favorite song for him, but doesn’t matter…he can just sing. Now…when I open my eyes, I’m completely distracted and it’s like I can’t even hear him sing. How do they fix that? Please fix that…  *side note: I could have done without him trying to pat Mario Lopez’s bum after the critiques.

19. 1432?! Seriously? That’s the new name? I’m gonna try to look past that name for now. I love Taylor Swift, so I guess I’m okay with the song choice. Question: Why does a group of 5 need 6 background singers? Wasn’t my favorite performance, but I think they can improve. Love that Khloe made Demi say who her favorite was…she was my favorite too!

20. Not used to male country singers having a bunch of dancers and stuff, but maybe I’ll be proven wrong at the CMAs tonight. Willie can sing, but it seemed like a caricature of a country singer. I know people love him and I really want to. He is a cutie pie, though! J

21. This little Carly Rose can sing. This was not a singer’s song, and I still heard her amazing voice in spite of that. Here’s hoping she get something more worthy of her chops next week.

22. Emblem 3. Apparently, all the shirtlessness paid off. I’m a fan. All three of them can sing. Loved the song. Loved the harmonies. Loved them. Uh-oh. I feel like Demi Lovato.

23. All in all, the first live show of X Factor was a lot to take in with only SOME of it being exciting, but I have hope for the show. I really do.

24. 4 acts go home tonight…who do you think it might be?

25. You know I hate results shows and predicting, but I know I have to so…If it’s one act from each mentor…

  • Demi’s Group: Either Willie or Paige
  • L.A.’s Group: Vino
  • Britney’s Group: Arin or Diamond (this makes me sad)
  • Simon’s Group: Sister C or 1432 (for their name alone)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Smokey Joe's Cafe's the thing...I'm part of this AMAZING production of Smokey Joe's Cafe that opens THIS Thursday Sept. 20th and I thought I would tell you why you really want to come see this! It's a show full of singing HEFFAS...even the guys! ;-) I seriously sit in rehearsal every day wanting to throw my shoes at every single cast member. If my shoes weren't so dang cute, I might actually do it. On top of all of that, I get to sing my heart out! I have never been so stretched in a show to cover different genres, moods and notes. NEVER! It's so challenging and so much fun all at the same time.

Now, I know some of you are like...what in the world is Smokey Joe's Cafe? Well, it's a musical of revue of some of the best music out there written by Lieber & Stoller. If you don't know who I'm talking about...proceed to google immediately! They are the writers of huge Elvis hits like Treat Me Nice, Hound Dog and Jailhouse Rock...Doo Wop hits like Young Blood, Ruby Baby and Searchin'...Pop hits like I Keep Forgettin', Love Potion #9 and On Broadway...Blues hits like Trouble and I'm a Woman. Seriously, they are musical geniuses and that doesn't even begin to cover all the fabulous songs in this show. No talking...just singing...and you are guaranteed to be singing along all night!

Now on to this stellar cast! Meet my HEFFAS!

 Abner Ramirez
Amanda Ramirez

 Laura Matula
 Ryan Greenawalt
 Libby Hodges
 John-Mark McGaha
Harvey Hubert

*Abner and Amanda are the acclaimed duo JOHNNYSWIM. Their voices are sublime and they make every song come alive like you've never heard it before! Plus, they're the most adorable husband and wife ever!

*Laura's voice is capable of anything! I am not exaggerating. I seriously have not found something she can't do. It's my new mission in life.

*Ryan sings higher than me. This is not okay, but it's really impressive to watch. FYI: When I say he sings higher, I mean he's actually belting higher than me...this is not falsetto. I have some work to do. :-)

*Libby...let's just call her the blond Aretha Franklin! Her voice is bananas. Just you will be throwing shoes at the end of every. song. she. sings.

*John-Mark is the male version of Laura. Still haven't found what he can't do. His voice has so many colors to really is breathtaking.

*Harvey quite possibly has the smoothest voice I've ever heard. Plus, he sings bass.'s beyond gorgeous and I generally melt whenever I hear him up close...which creates a slight problem for our duet. :-/

So...your assignment is to head over to and get your tickets RIGHT NOW. Trust me, the ticket price is WELL worth the show you will see. (You'll probably want to donate more after the show) I also suggest you come the first weekend because you're gonna want to see this one more than once. 

See you there! Oh...and make sure you say Hi to me after the show!

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Hey, lovely people! I thought since the Top 13 are going to be revealed tonight, I would let you know my dream Top 13. Let me preface this with saying, I rarely get what I want when it comes to American Idol. The show itself is great, but the voting public and I just don't seem to agree. That being my perfect world, here are my picks:

Joshua Ledet
Aaron Marcellus
Colton Dixon
Deandre Brackensick
Jeremy Rosado

Jessica Sanchez
Elise Testone
Skylar Laine
Hollie Cavanagh
Jen Hirsh

Erika Van Pelt
Cheighton Fraker
Hallie Day

Once again...there is NO way I'm right on this. It's just what I would LIKE to see happen. That is all. Give me your list now. You have until 6:30pm CST. The person closest to the actual Top 13 will get a Melinda Doolittle hoodie (you know you've been wanting one) and bragging least for the next week. ;-)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

5 Reasons Valentine's Day ROCKS for Single Women

Hey guys! If you've kept up with me at all, you know by now that I like to look on the positive side of things. Sometimes, it's a stretch, but I do all I can to find at least 3 nice things about any situation. Well, this time, I upped the number to 5 just to show you how awesome singleness is! So here we go!

#5. You can eat dinner at a normal time! 
Trying to get a reservation at your favorite restaurant tonight could very well end up with you eating at either 4:30pm or 9:00pm because of how booked these places get, but you don't have to even try when you're single!

#4. You can eat ALL you want!
Have you ever put on your favorite, slimming outfit, headed out to your favorite restaurant but then not been able to eat all you want because all of the sudden your outfit isn't so slimming anymore? No worries here! Just put on your onesie and eat to your heart's content!

#3. No dead flowers!
Sure, the roses look nice and pretty when you first get them, but then they die...and smell. Well, that doesn't happen when nobody sends you any!

#2. No awkward moments!
Ever tried to pick out the right Valentine's Day card or gift for that special person based on where you are in your relationship? Not too mushy...a little more than friends but not saying "I love you" just yet...whatever the case may be. Well, you don't have to even think about this when you're single.
ADDED BONUS: You're saving money! I mean seriously, does it get any better than that?

#1. No unmet expectations!
Face it ladies, whether we want to or not, we all secretly wish for that movie perfect, romantic date. But no matter how hard the man tries, he will never be Ryan Reynolds or Denzel Washington. (Can you tell I'm excited about Safe House?) However, if there is no man, there's no chance for disappointment. See how that works?

Honorable Mention:
You can send out texts to all your happily married or dating friends that say "Happy VD" and then pretend you meant "Valentine's Day" instead of the alternative. *wink, wink*

So there you go! Let me know what you think. And sincerely...Happy Valentine's Day! I really do love the day, single or not. Love makes me happy! Cherish the ones you love and be nice to the ones you don' least for today!

Click HERE for my Valentine's Day song just for you!
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